Outer Banks Sporting Events Run

MISSION :  Organize sporting events and competitions, promote healthy living lifestyles, and provide financial resources for needed relief and education, all while contributing to the economic health of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

FRIENDSHIPS : Outer Banks running events have become very popular, due, in part, to the legendary beauty of the area. But the athletes who run Outer Banks races also have come to expect the kindness of support that they receive from the residents during their time here. Of course, many locals run these races too, and plenty of friendships have been forged along the miles.

POST-RACE PARTIES! :  They are a big draw for the fun and comradery that come as a natural part of the euphoria, beer and local bands after each race. Lots of participants add to the festivities by dressing up for these Outer Banks runs: leprechauns, pirates and tutus (just because!), so feel free to express yourself while you're putting in those miles. To assure your place in these Outer Banks races, be sure to register early! And, btw, plenty of our participants are walkers, so if you're new to these events, we want you to know that you'll feel just as much a part of the races as the runners do.